Chain Link

Protecting Livonia, MI, Properties with Affordable Chain Link Fences and Gates

Galvanized chain link fences are very popular in Southeast Michigan.

With a chain link fence, each section is made up of woven wire. The sections are interlocked using metal ties attached to steel posts. Although chain link fences don’t offer privacy, they do add a security measure that will help keep intruders out and pets and kids in. A residential chain link fence is among the least expensive fences and can last for years. While typically they are seen as plain metal, you do have some options for color.

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Low Purchase and Installation Cost

Securing a home at reasonable prices is what every homeowner is looking for. As a leading fencing contractor in Michigan, we endeavor to secure your home in the most satisfactory way while fitting into your tight budget. Easy installation and initial purchase costs make our fences the most affordable fencing option for all customers.


The galvanized coating on chain link fences is made to resist wear and tear caused by ice or snow, hence they can last for many years. In the event it does fade or lose its appearance over time, it can be easily painted and brought back to its original condition.

Easy to Repair

If your chain link fence gets bent out of shape, crushed by a fallen tree limb or cut from vandalism, it can easily be repaired. If you have the tools, the repair can be by simply removing the damaged section and replacing it, or, in the case of it being cut, it can be tied back together with metal ties.

A Wide Range of Styles and Finishes  

Livonia Affordable Chain Link Fence Installation - Galaxy Fence Services - greenGalaxy Fence offers high-quality chain link fences for residential buildings. They come in different styles, colors and heights depending on the needs of every customer. If you are considering installing a chain link fence in Livonia or in the neighboring areas, then give us a call. We will help you choose the right style and fence finishes to match your needs.


Our FAQ's for Chain Link Fences

Q. What is the main advantage of choosing chain link over other fencing materials?

Chain link is a popular, attractive and cost-effective fence.

Q. What are the main uses for chain link fences?

A very popular choice for homes with children, dogs or swimming pools – chain link fence is a maintenance-free fence.

Q. What makes Galaxy Fence different?

Galaxy Fence offers the largest selection of chain link fence products available. Both our residential and our commercial fence systems have been time tested to offer long-lasting, no-maintenance fencing at affordable prices. Our do-it-yourself chain link fence systems are all -inclusive, complete and ready for easy installation.

We manufacture chain link gates that are perfectly balanced to hang properly with all the right sizes, proportions, and hardware.

Q. Is chain link available in different colors?

Yes. Almost all of our chain link fence systems are available in a choice of black, brown or green. Our full-color systems use a combination of vinyl covering and powder coating for the best color retention. All of the chain link mesh is made with galvanized wire, a type of vinyl covered by the manufacturer before it is woven.

All of the posts, rails, caps and fittings are powder coated to match the color of the wire mesh.

Q. Why is powder coating better than traditional painting?

With powder coating, a dry powdered plastic is sprayed onto the steel and an electro-static charge is used to keep the powder on the steel long enough to get it in an oven. In the oven, heat melts the plastic to evenly cover all of the steel. Advantages of powder coating that make it particularly environmentally friendly are that it does not require solvents and it captures its own over spray. Further advantages are the plastic contains UV stabilizers which will provide longer lasting shine, the heating process offers better adhesion to the steel (it's baked right in) and once cooled down, the plastic offers better protection against scratches.

Q. Does powder coated steel require maintenance?

Once installed, maintaining the powder coating is a simple matter. Pollens and pollutants, which build up over time, are not good for the powder coating and must be removed. Powder coatings should be washed down regularly (normally once every month but more often in marine and industrial environments). The coating should be washed down with soapy water, using a neutral detergent, and rinsed off with clear water.

Q. How long should the powder coating last before I need to re-paint?

When powder coated items are installed properly and they are maintained regularly, they should be relatively permanent.

Correctly applied powder coatings will not crack, chip or peel like traditional wet paints.

Q. Does this mean that my chain link Fence or Gate should last forever?

No. But it should be good for at least 20 years.

Q. Are all Galaxy Fence chain link products powder coated?

No. We also offer chain link fences that are made with galvanized mesh, galvanized pipe or galvalume framework which is silver/gray-colored.

Q. But are all Galaxy Fence colored chain link products powder coated?

No. Because all ovens are governed by size limitations, some of our larger gates and oversized chain link panels can only be finished with wet paint. All of our catalogue products include powder coating, custom width residential gates and wet paint (only applied to custom items). Wet paint would be noted on the custom drawings that we would make and would again be noted on our quotation and made obvious to the customer.

Q. What is Galvalume Steel?

GALVALUME® is a 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc coated sheet steel that is manufactured and sold under the trademark GALVALUME® by Dofasco Inc.

Q. What are the advantages of Galvalume Steel?

Galvalume steel combines the best qualities of aluminum and zinc to provide the best corrosion resistance in steel. The aluminum-zinc coating provides superior corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity. It also has good bare edge protection and forming qualities. Galvalume steel is an ideal material because of its extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance and resulting long life. It can also be factory painted to hold color and extend durability. Most importantly, it can be used in modern day steel designs which are strong, yet lightweight, and won't crack and peel when subjected to the sun and weather.

Q. Are all Galaxy Fences made with Galvalume Steel?

Because not all steel sizes are made available, some of our custom-made products are made with un-treated black steel. All of our catalogue fences and gates include galvalume steel with custom width residential gates. Black Steel would only apply to some specialty products that would be noted on the order and made obvious to the customer.

Q. Do you also offer privacy strips for the chain link?

Yes, we do offer steel privacy strips, both in regular privacy and in privacy plus; but it should be noted that standard residential chain link fence systems are not designed to hold the snow load and wind load that is incurred when adding privacy strips. However, they are generally fine on industrial chain link fences.

Q. Do the fence posts have to be set in concrete?

Although there are times when an alternative might work better, the most cost-effective method of securing fences is to set the posts in concrete.

Q. Can I let vines grow on my new fence?

This is generally very popular - but it should be noted that certain vines or plant life will cause an uneven color in the chain link if left over time.

Q. What do you recommend for helping the posts last longer?

Our special combination of Galvalume steel and powder coat protective paint system means post rot is not a concern.

Q. Do you offer anything special for fences around swimming pools?

Yes. Since chain link fences are so popular for around swimming pools, almost all of our chain link systems are made "pool legal". We also offer removable fence panels and sliding gates, popular choices for those who entertain, as well as alternate choices for gate hardware.

Q. What can you do about big changes of grade?

Extra terminal posts can be used at the top and bottom of any hill and the chain link can be specially cut to suit the grade.

Q. Do you offer larger diameter posts to make the fence stronger?

There are different sized posts available but generally adding extra line posts is the better way to make a stronger fence.

Why Choose Galaxy Fence for All Your Fencing Needs?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- We supply high-quality fencing materials and see to it that the installation is done according to your specifications.
  • Excellent Customer Service- We treat all clients with respect and we put your needs above anything else. We are transparent with our pricing and scheduling so you’ll never have any “surprises.”
  • No Subcontracting- Galaxy Fence does not hire other contractors to do your fencing project. Our installers are paid employees, ensuring your high standards are met with ours.

If you need a high-quality fence at an affordable price, call Galaxy Fence. We’ll build a beautiful, durable fence that fits your budget.