Commercial Fences

Durable and Protective Temporary Fencing Keeps Your SE Michigan Job Site Safe

Whether you’re starting a new project and are in need of temporary or permanent fencing, or you are just in need of a small fence repair, we have you covered.

Livonia Commercial Fence Installation & Repair - Galaxy Fence Services - commercialGalaxy Fence wants to be your fencing contractor of choice! We know that not every one of your projects is going to be large; we also know that every one of your projects is important to you and must get done quickly. You need a fence company that wants all your business not just the large projects. You can count on Galaxy Fence to support all of your fencing needs.

Temporary fencing is a short-term solution for protecting your property during construction. It ensures safety for storage, theft deterrence and public control and can be used on both private and commercial job sites. 

Benefits of Temporary Fencing:

  • It is easy to install.
  • Easily movable without too much effort
  • Decreases liability
  • Improves the environment of a workplace.
  • Protects a work site from intruders, dust and debris.

The type of fencing is determined by the functionality of the fence, easy to set up, breakdown and storage. Call Galaxy Fence for a great price on temporary fencing!

We offer several types of temporary fencing:

Chain link

The most basic temporary fencing that Galaxy Fence installs is chain link. It consists of a large roll of chain link that is attached to galvanized steel posts. The posts are held together with cement holders or driven directly into the ground. We will work with you to determine which type of fencing is best for your needs. Chain link fencing is available in different heights making ideal for commercial job sites.

Chain link panels

Chain link panels are easier to set up than traditional chain link fencing. They are basically freestanding sections of chain link fencing supported with freestanding platforms. This type of temporary fencing can easily be moved around your work area without special tools.


Temporary barricades are used to prevent traffic from entering your job site. They are not built for security and are not quite as tall. The most common barricade consists of freestanding steel panels with several bars. They are often used for crowd control and aid in pedestrian safety from restricted areas. They are easy to set up, take down and move around.


Mesh fencing is the most secure temporary fencing. It’s durable, easy to set up, easy to take down and store. In fact, mesh panels are so lightweight they easily handled by just one worker. making set-up very cost effective. Mesh is a stronger, tighter and lighter alternative to chain link fencing. Mesh panels interlock when they are stacked allowing more panels to fit onto a load.

Temporary fencing is cost effective and can be easily customized to keep down dust and other unwanted matter. Southeast Michigan’s Galaxy Fence offers professional commercial and temporary fencing solutions for your hospitality and general contracting job sites. Give us a call to see what temporary fencing solution is best for your site.

Why Choose Galaxy Fence for All Your Fencing Needs?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- We supply high-quality fencing materials and see to it that the installation is done according to your specifications.
  • Excellent Customer Service- We treat all clients with respect and we put your needs above anything else. We are transparent with our pricing and scheduling so you’ll never have any “surprises.”
  • No Subcontracting- Galaxy Fence does not hire other contractors to do your fencing project. Our installers are paid employees, ensuring your high standards are met with ours.

If you need a high-quality fence at an affordable price, call Galaxy Fence. We’ll build a beautiful, durable fence that fits your budget.