Horse/Animal Fencing

Quality Fencing Solutions for You and Your Animals in Livonia and Surrounding Areas

Galaxy Fence provides affordable options for animal fencing installation and repair.

With the years of our experience and professionalism, we guarantee homeowners, ranchers and farmers a variety of safe and durable animal fencing to keep them safely on your property and protect them from predators.

Horse Fencing

When it comes to horse fencing, we highly recommend a fence style with high visibility. Horses need to be able to see the fence quickly and easily so they don’t run into it or become hung up on it. We offer a variety of styles and price options for horse fencing. Wood post and board fences are one popular option. They are easy to see and look beautiful. If you are looking for a more economical fence, you could consider electrified poly tape. It’s lightweight and just as visible to the horse.

Cattle Fencing

In order keep your cattle contained, you’ll need fencing that is at least 54 inches tall. For the safety of your animals, we recommend high-tensile wire fencing rather than barbed wire. If you need to separate the bull from the cows, you may consider sectioning the bull off using a higher gauge electrified wire.

Pig/Hog Fencing

To keep your hogs safe from escape we offer Feedlot panel fencing. They are strong enough to withstand charging and can be easily configured to your space.

Chicken Coops

With the growing number of suburbs allowing residents to raise chickens in their backyards, it’s important to include fencing around your chicken coop. Chicken coops protect your investment from local predators (dogs, cats, raccoons, hawks, etc), pests (mice, rats, snakes) and escape. We design chicken coops to be secure and decorative, using fence materials like galvanized hardware cloth, chicken wire and chain link.

Pet Fencing

Dogs and cats can enjoy independence and the great outdoors if you protect them inside a fence. We can enclose a border around your yard so your indoor cat can come outside and you won’t have to worry about it getting lost in the neighborhood. For dogs, we offer a variety of fencing depending on the size and breed. We have great prices on dog runs and kennel fencing in SE Michigan.

Why choose Galaxy Fence?

Livonia Horse & Cattle Fence Installation - Galaxy Fence Services - animal(1)Galaxy Fence is a registered, fully licensed, insured, and bonded company. Our staff is professional and efficient, and we have an excellent reputation for courteous customer service. 

Our fences, of course, speak for themselves. Our quality is high, and we guarantee durability. We design our fences to fit your needs and your budget. We even offer a financing solution. Our installers are our employees, meaning we know exactly who will be on your property and when. They will guide you through all options on your project to ensure that you find the best solutions and keep you updated on the progress of your project. We value your input and guarantee satisfaction with our work. Your security and that of our animals are our concern. For a great price on horse and animal fencing, please give us a call!

Official Safe-T-Tie Distributor for SE Michigan

Livonia Horse & Cattle Fence Installation - Galaxy Fence Services - Safe-T-Tie_closeupLooking for an adjustable quick-connect carabiner to secure your horse? We have one! Safe-T-Tie is a revolutionary way to safely tie your horse anytime, anywhere.

Whenever you tie your horse, it is great to feel comfortable in the knowledge that doing so will not reinforce a bad habit or cause the potential for an accident that could lead to severe injury or even death. A safer alternative to solid tying or using a temporary solution such as baling twine to tie up a horse, Safe-T-Tie eliminates horse-tying problems. When horse tethering with a lead rope, simply attach Safe-T-Tie to the lead and you're all set. Visit our online line store and order them today!

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Why Choose Galaxy Fence for All Your Fencing Needs?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- We supply high-quality fencing materials and see to it that the installation is done according to your specifications.
  • Excellent Customer Service- We treat all clients with respect and we put your needs above anything else. We are transparent with our pricing and scheduling so you’ll never have any “surprises.”
  • No Subcontracting- Galaxy Fence does not hire other contractors to do your fencing project. Our installers are paid employees, ensuring your high standards are met with ours.

If you need a high-quality fence at an affordable price, call Galaxy Fence. We’ll build a beautiful, durable fence that fits your budget.