Steel/Aluminum Fences

Metal Fences Offer Stability and Provide Privacy for Your SE Michigan Property

Whether you just want a beautiful fence around your house or a strong, secure fence for your business, steel fencing is the ultimate solution.

Aluminum is a popular decorative fencing material as it can be made to resemble the simpler styles of wrought iron fencing, but costs less. It lasts for decades without rotting, rusting or fading and can be a practical choice swimming pool enclosures.

Steel ornamental metal fencing looks and feels like iron. It does not easily rust and is stronger than aluminum fences. All components of a steel fence are dipped in zinc and finished with a powder coating for durability and ease of care. They typically come with a 20-year Manufacturer warranty. Steel fencing is available in traditional or contemporary styles. When compared to the wrought iron fences they are imitating, steel fences tend to be more clean-lined and lack the extravagant ornamentation that gives wrought iron fences their character.

The Benefits of Metal Fencing


Steel fencing has a corrosion-proof coating that enables it to be weatherproof. It is simple, beautiful and strong. Steel fencing is a great choice for those who want a trespassing deterrent, but don’t necessarily need privacy fencing.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum fencing is 100% recyclable. It doesn’t rust and can last decades without fading- meaning no spray painting and no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) being released into the air.


Steel fences are strong and durable and can be customized by adding rails, rings, scrolls, and finials. With a variety of heights and spacing options it steel fencing is suitable for both residential and commercial use.


Metal fences offer kids and pets protection while allowing them to see outside of the yard. This expanded view adds a feeling of space and openness to your backyard. For commercial use, ornamental metal fencing also allows passersby to get a view of your business and landscaping.


Steel fencing provides the owner with a good control over who can get in and out of the premises. It allows for combined use with electronic gates, swipe card access and security cameras. Its general presence helps deter unauthorized entry.

Why Choose Galaxy Fence for All Your Fencing Needs?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- We supply high-quality fencing materials and see to it that the installation is done according to your specifications.
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If you need a high-quality fence at an affordable price, call Galaxy Fence. We’ll build a beautiful, durable fence that fits your budget.