Wood Fences

Professional Wood Fence Installation in Livonia and the Surrounding Areas

Wood fencing is one of the most popular fencing options for homeowners in Livonia, Wayne County and Southeast Michigan.

The most basic of all fence types, wood fencing is only second to chain link in terms of popularity - the most common being picket fencing. Wood is versatile; it can be used for a decorative fence as well as privacy, it can be painted or stained, the posts can be shaped and it withstands harsh weather for years to come.

Michigan’s Most Common Types of Wood Fencing

When it comes to wood fencing, homeowners have a lot of options. Before choosing to build a wood fence, homeowners need to decide what they are looking for in a new fence; is it form, function or a combination of the two? Here are a few of the more common types of wood fences, and what purpose they’re best suited for.

Solid Board and Vertical Board Fencing

Solid board and vertical board fencing are a series of wooden slats fitted together with no spacing between them. They’re ideal for privacy and security. They also do well with blocking wind and noise.

Picket Fencing

Picket fences are primarily decorative and feature solid wood posts with wooden pickets equally spaced between them. There’s an almost infinite number of configurations and styles for picket fencing making them one of our most popular options.

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is ideal for large properties with acres of land. Not only do they help keep horses and animals in your yard, they add character and help define your property line. Some include a wire mesh between the wood rails to help keep smaller animals in and predators out.

Wood Lattice Fencing

Lattice fences are basically made using thin wood slats in criss-cross pattern. They are most often used to enhance garden areas and provide a structure for vines to grow on. Latticework can also be added to the top of solid wood fencing to allow some light to come into the yard without sacrificing privacy.

Wondering What is the Best Wood to Use for Wood Fences?

A wood fence can consist of virtually any type of wood. However, not all types of wood are ideal for outside fencing. The two most common types of wood used for fencing are pine and cedar.

Pine Wood Fences

Pine, specifically pressure treated pine, is a very popular fence type and common in the suburbs. Pine requires regular sealing to prevent it from rotting and insect infestation.

Cedar Wood Fences

Cedar fences resist moisture, insects and decay. It is an inexpensive and popular choice because it looks good and even smells good. Some consider it the superior fencing option.

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