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Vinyl Fencing Offers Many Benefits Over Traditional Fencing


Published on: January 28th, 2009 12:00am by: creativebeing


For consumers looking to add instant curb-appeal to their home or business, vinyl fencing may be the answer. This new age fencing products will look new and beautiful for years with virtually no maintenance cost.



(OPENPRESS) January 28, 2009 -- Looking for a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home or business? Consider vinyl fencing Although it has been around for several years, vinyl fencing is fast being recognized as one of the best home improvement deals on the market today. Attractive, versatile, and highly durable, this low-maintenance fencing product could be the future of the fence industry.


Vinyl fencing, which is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), was first used as replacement material for horse fencing in the equine industry. Vinyl fencing was found to be a viable alternative to the tremendous wear and tear that horses can put on a traditional wood horse fence. Horses lean on, rub up against, and even chew on the wood fencing that Is used to enclose them. As a result, there is a high maintenance cost that goes along with the cost of building many types of fences like horse fencing that vinyl fencing doesn't have.


"Vinyl fencing is one of the more versatile materials in the fencing industry today, " says Gary Siewert, co-owner of S&S Fence, Inc.,  "The great thing about vinyl fencing is that it does a very good job of duplicating the look and feel of traditional fencing materials. A vinyl fence can be made to look just like ornamental iron fencing or wood fence, and provide a very attractive look that is going to last much longer than most traditional materials."




In fact, it turns out that you can get a vinyl fence to replace the traditional materials of wood, metal, and iron.


Looking for a white picket fence? You can get beautiful, white vinyl fencing that looks just like wood.


Ornamental iron? No problem. There is beautiful vinyl fencing that looks for all the world like traditional ornamental iron fencing—only better.


Looking for a residential redwood fence? There are several colors to choose from, and regardless of your choice, the fence will never rot, be attacked by insects, or need painting.


“Vinyl fencing often comes with long term warranties,” says Siewert. “A vinyl fence has several advantages over traditional fencing materials in terms of its ability to stand up to the environment.


For the consumer this means savings in the long run because of the reduced maintenance costs and the reduced need for fence replacement. In fact, it is not unusual for a vinyl fence to look as new as the day it was installed a decade or more after it was built.”

According to Siewert,the benefits of vinyl fencing include:


Will not rot or deteriorate like wood

Impervious to damage from insects

Won't crack, split, or splinter

Smooth surface—no nails

Will not suffer damage from rain, snow, or the cold

Will never rust

Will never need painting - No paint to flake or crack

Will look new and beautiful for decades

No maintenance costs

Last longer than traditional fence materials

Long term, transferable warranties


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Though wooden fencing products may look stronger, vinyl fencing according to vinyl manufacturers, has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility.


Siewert predicts that vinyl fencing will continue to grow in popularity as the general public becomes aware of its benefits.


“I think that many people don't realize just how much maintenance is involved in keeping a fence looking good and working properly,” he says. “Maintenance cost time and money. And even with maintenance, it is hard to keep that “like-new” look. With vinyl fencing many people are discovering there's an easier way to get a great result without having to put a lot of effort into it after it is built. Vinyl fencing is one of the few home improvement products that you can erect and virtually forget about.”


For more information about this article or vinyl fencing, please contact Gary Siewert at 916-682-1100 or email him at

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