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When choosing the right fence company for your commercial or residential installation, consider these reasons why Galaxy Fence remains your best choice.


Over Thirty Eight Years Installation Experience


• Committed to installing quality fence products since 1986

• Active member of the American Fence Association and the Construction Association of Michigan CAM)

• Active member of Iron Workers Local 25



Unsurpassed Quality & Proven Performance


• All installations backed by a Two Year Written Warranty

• All materials backed by 2-5-10-25 or Lifetime Warranties

• All installations performed to, or exceed the quality standards set fourth  by the American Fence Association

• References available upon request

• Customer Satisfaction is Our Standard Not Our Goal


Commitment to service

• Professional technical support and installation

• Providers of free estimates

• Commercial job quotations for Bidding

• Custom Design assistance

• 24 hour Emergency Service Available





At Galaxy Fence Company we offer a full selection of quality fence products that are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You can choose the right fence within your budget that will suit your needs and complement the beauty of your home. Enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Find peace and quiet in every part of your property. Your home is your castle.


• Give your children a safe place to play.

• Enclose your back or side yard to keep pets in or out.

• Fence in your front yard to control traffic and protect your landscaping.

• Add Old World charm at an affordable price with new-age Ornamental Iron products.

• Enhance the beauty of your home with fence styles that will wow you and your neighbors.

• Construct an enclosure to give your pets their own exterior space.

• Mark your property boundaries.  "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors".

• Complete sections of fence that were not previously installed between your neighbors or within your yard.

• Separate the back yard from the sides or front.

• Repair and spruce up old fences that still have plenty of years left before they need replacement.

• Replace older fences with new state-of-the-art maintenance free products.

• Give yourself some well deserved privacy to better enjoy your own living space.

• Fence in your swimming pool to meet local codes while you add beauty to your personal recreation center.

We use the best quality products constructed by the most experienced craftsmen to assure your satisfaction. Traditional wood, chain link and iron fence as well as new-age maintenance free products are available from our large inventory. Select just the right fence for your specific needs.



Professional Fence

Installation Services

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